How it works

Things that care

3rings has a range of Things which can be used to create a unique safety net of care depending upon your concerns.

3rings Plug

The 3rings Plug is the most basic solution. Simply plug in any appliance into it an instantly receive the benefits of 3rings. 3rings Plug doesn't require our 3rings hub but works seamlessly alongside it.

3rings Hub & Sensors

The 3rings Hub is capable of supporting up to 50 sensors; temperature, motion, door opening and closing, and moisture. No internet at your loved one's home? We offer a mobile version as well.

Things from 3rd parties

Your Things can work with 3rings. Currently we support Amazon Alexa enabled devices; Echo, Dot, Spot, Show, Look, Fire tablets, some smartphones (e.g. HTC 11, Huawei Mate 9, Moto X4, and more every day). We also support Amazon's AWS IoT button.

Things are small devices or sensors that send information over the Internet.

3rings Plug

Has my loved one used their kettle/TV/lamp etc?

The 3rings Plug turns an existing appliance such as a kettle, microwave or TV into a simple sensor. Just by Mum making her morning cup of tea or Dad turning on the TV to watch his favourite show, the whole family can be told everything is OK or alerted if not.

Your loved one does not need to have the Internet at their home as the Plug has a built-in mobile device which sends the signals.


Is my loved one eating?

Understanding whether your loved one is eating each day can be a challenge regardless of whether you live down the road or thousands of miles away.

The opening of the fridge door, the microwave door and specific cupboards can give you a picture of activity in the kitchen. If no activity is seen on the fridge, microwave or food cupboard then it is likely that your loved one is not eating properly.

This sensor can be attached to doors and detect activity.

They can be attached to anything such as a stairlift or easy chair to also indicate activity.


Is my loved one warm, too hot or too cold?

It can be dangerous if an older person becomes too hot or too cold, as they can struggle to regulate their body temperature.

Over the last four winters, according to the latest official figures for 2013-16, nearly 120,000 people in England and Wales have died from cold weather, or factors associated with cold weather. A further 1,700 deaths a year are associated with excessive heat.

This sensor lets you know if your loved one is living in an environment which is too cold or equally too hot, and knowing if they are living in a warm environment is important.

Door open/closed

Has my loved used the kitchen?

This sensor lets you know the state of any door – are they closed or open. Good if you worry about your loved ones wandering or leaving the doors open at night.


Is my loved one active?

These sensors are great for knowing if your loved one is up and about and is active throughout the day. Any changes in activity can be reported based upon your rules.

You can have multiple motion sensors around the house to give you a clear picture of your loved one's activity. As well as letting the family know that your loved ones are active, the motion sensors can be used by healthcare professionals to plan the right level of care that your loved one may need.


Push the button – you decide the meaning.

This sensor can be used for a wide variety of things, depending upon what you want to know.

For example it could be used to let you know when Mum's taken her pills, whether she's having a good or a bad day, or if she just needs some bread and milk bringing next time you are passing.

Amazon Alexa

“Is my mum or dad OK?” – Ask Alexa, from Amazon.

3rings are pushing boundaries to integrate new technologies that can help you to know your loved ones are OK each day, including our 3rings skill for Alexa devices like Amazon's Echo and Dot.

The 3rings skill for Amazon Alexa has two modes:

Family Mode

In this mode Alexa will tell you if your loved ones' household is OK or if there is an outstanding alert:

  • “Alexa, ask 3rings are my loved ones OK?”
  • “Alexa, ask 3rings if everything's OK?”
  • “Alexa, tell 3rings to check on Mum”
  • “Alexa, tell 3rings to check on Dad”

Loved One Mode

In this mode your loved one can raise an alert at any time just by telling Alexa something like:

  • “Alexa, ask 3rings for help”
  • “Alexa, tell 3rings I need help”
  • “Alexa, tell 3rings I'm unwell”
  • ... any many more.

Amazon AWS IoT button

Push the button – you decide the meaning.

This is Amazon's button and can be used in exactly the same way as 3rings' own button.

Pushing the button can mean anything you want: ‘I've just taken my pills’, ‘I feel great today’, ‘I need help!’


Sensors connect wirelessly to a 3rings Hub installed in your loved one's home. The sensors can be up to 90 metres (300 feet) away from the 3rings Hub, depending upon obstructions like walls, and other sources of electrical interference.

Up to 50 3rings sensors can connect to a single hub, so they can work equally well in a community housing scheme or an individual's home.

3rings GSM Hub

If your loved one doesn't have an internet connection we provide a GSM hub which uses an in-built mobile phone to connect to 3rings instead.

3rings Ethernet Hub

If your loved one has an internet connection we provide a broadband hub which plugs straight into their broadband router.


You set the rules

  • Choose an event type depending on the devices you have.
  • Tell 3rings when to listen out.
  • Add any device specific configuration.
3rings portal events

Instantly know today's events

  • Upcoming
  • Running
  • Successes
  • Alerts
  • Missed
3rings portal today's events

If something goes wrong

  • Notifications are immediately sent to family & friends that you have invited to help out
  • Notifications keep being sent until the alert has been fully resolved
  • Multi-step resolution ensures nothing is left to chance
3rings portal alerts

Pattern of Active Life (PAL)

Pattern of Active Life dashboard

Things passively monitor activity, including, but not limited to:

  • movement
  • use of appliances e.g. a kettle
  • opening and closing of doors
  • trips to the toilet.

While these devices are useful it is the data gathered that is important. Data builds a Pattern of Active Life (PAL) which can help care for vulnerable people.

These patterns can be used to help you, your family and care professionals understand what is happening day-to-day and can help answer questions such as "Is Mum safe?", "Is Dad eating?", "Is Mrs Smith wandering?"

Trends can be derived from these patterns. They can be used to identify health issues early, such as:

  • reduced activity
  • irregular eating and drinking
  • possible UTIs.

With the trend analysis provided by the 3rings Platform, intelligent pre-emption and prevention is a real possibility. The next step will be to introduce artificial intelligence which will revolutionise senior care.

Family & Friends

With 3rings it's simple to include family, friends and other carers in your circle of trust. We'll let each member know when everything looks good, or help co-ordinate a response if there might be a problem.

Family & Friends

Tell 3rings your loved one's daily routine and we'll take care of keeping everyone up-to-date.

3rings calls this Distributed Family Care.