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Know your Loved Ones are OK each day with Things That Care®

What is 3rings?

What we do

Imagine just by your loved one going about their daily routine that the whole family can know that they are OK each day or more importantly alerted should there seem to be a problem.

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Most elderly loved ones are fiercely independent. 3rings calms the daily concerns that families have and answers the question, “Is my loved one OK today?” Regardless of distance and time pressures 3rings delivers you and your family peace of mind for the times you cannot be there.

That’s what 3rings does

How it works

3rings works with a variety of sensors that passively monitor your loved one's daily routine, ranging from an inexpensive smart plug through to the Amazon Echo.

When a Thing senses your loved one it quietly lets the 3rings Platform know.

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Based on the rules set by the family in your Portal, the 3rings Platform ‘listens’ for activity.

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You and those in your Family & Friends get notified that everything is OK, or alerted if no signal has been received.

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Who can 3rings help?

Who 3rings can help?



With 3rings it's simple to include family, friends and carers in your circle of trust. We'll let each member know when everything looks good, or help co-ordinate a response if there might be a problem.

Care Professionals

Care Professionals

3rings can help care professionals in the following areas: assessment and reablement, learning difficulties, dementia care, hospital discharges, help for carers, and health and care commissioning.

What do you need?

Things & Packages

3rings offers a number of combinations of Things to choose from.
Packages start from as little as £10 per month.

3rings hardware

3rings Hub packages

Mobile/Ethernet hub + 3 Things of your choice
(Mobile hubs will incur an extra £5 per month to cover data charges)


  • £399 upfront
  • £17.50 per month
  • No commitment

12 Months

  • £0 upfront
  • £37 per month
  • 12 month commitment

Extra sensors

£59: Temperature, Activity, Motion, Open/Close or Button

£79: 3rings Plug

3rings Plug packages

1 x 3rings Plug

Try before you buy

  • Try for 4 weeks
  • No commitment,
    no cost


  • £79 upfront
  • £12 per month
  • No commitment

12 Months

  • £183 upfront
  • No monthly cost
  • Half price plug
    (Save £40)

24 Months

  • £288 upfront
  • No monthly cost
  • Free plug
    (Save £79)

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